LOM íV 1015plus

LOM íV 1015plus machine is a rapid prototyping machine which builds three-dimensional models and molding products from CAD files.

At the very beginning, CAD file must be converted to STL file format by using specific software. This procedure allows the LOM íV 1015plus to read and slice the file.

For building parts, LOM íV 1015plus uses the paper type of materials (LPH 042 and LPH 080) to build prototype, while lazer cuts the profiles on them until finishing the prototype according the CAD files suitable for dimensional, non-under cut product.

REVERSA 3D Scanner

REVERSA 3D Scanner is useful to apply in reverse engineering system. It consists of a sensor mounted onto the Z axis with moving in linear axes of motion X, Y, and Z, and optional rotary axis A. The sensor can capture the points or surfaces of image to transfer into the computer. Moreover, the captured image can be re-formed on the LOM machine to build a prototype.

O2 (SGI) and Alias Software

The 3D models will be created on the SGI by using Alias software. Two major functions of Alias are to create 3D models and rendering in computer file format and then transfer to LOM for further modeling process.

Unigraphics (UG) Systems Software

í@UG is a CAD/CAM software system which provides design platform and manufacturing module in industry. This system links up with the CNC milling machine to make the mold parts. First of all, requested parts drawing are created by using UG software. After that, tool motion definition in UG CAM section generates a tool path. Finally, the NC program of the tool path will be transmitted to the CNC machine, the tooling operation is moved automatically to mill the parts.


MAC is relative more powerful in doing the graphic design, art works and package of toys with common software such as free hand, adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator.

Metal Detector

Metal detector is a safety facility, which makes sure no any metallic elements to remain in our products such as food or packages. It can detect residual metallic elements in concurrent lighting alarm.

LED and speaker will be switched on as the change of high frequency of magnetic field, while some metallic elements pass through the inside the detector sensor.

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

For our company, EDM mold makeríŽs growth in tooling system. Our company applies EDM to produce fine surface texture for all mold parts as well as to produce holes, slots or other cavities in electrically conductive material by means of the controlled removal of material through melting or vaporization by high frequency electrical sparks. In order to co-operate with our mold making workshop growth, we already have 3 EDM machines with high efficiency performance.

Makino Max 65 CNC Machine

This CNC machine acts as the most important part in our mold making workshop. It is function in milling the mold part according the NC part program. NC part program involves the detailed, step by step listing of the operation G, M codes.

In our company, NC program will be generated in computer by using UG software. In fact, the whole process is automatically to generate the tool path, it can increase the productivity, accuracy, and repeatability. Hence, it considerably reduces programming time and effect, on repetitive and commonly used machine operations.       

Gas íV Assisted Plastics Injection Molding Process (GAIM)

Our company has 4 GAIM machines in molding department to improve the productivity of injection molding process. This technique can reduce the cost of process because the product is a hollow part. Moreover, it will increase the strength in the weakness part.

GAIM process includes two steps which are injection of polymer melt into mold cavity and followed injection of compressive nitrogen gas into polymer melt. The gas will penetrate in the polymer melt and force the polymer melt to fill the whole mold cavity inner wall. Therefore, it brings many advantages that the traditional injection molding process can not easily be achieved.


Spraying is most popular using in industries which adds the various colour on the surface of products to bring more attractive appearance. Our company  has a strong base in such section with around 1000 spraying, painting workers and equipment.

Auto Conveyor Line

Auto conveyor lines in our mainland factory are applied to transfer the components of product for assembly. Through those lines, finishing products can be achieved in a more clean and systematic way.

Ultra Sonic Welding

Ultra Sonic welding is to weld two plastic components together without applying high temperature; since plastic can be melt easily in a very high welding temperature. It is because their polymer structures will be damaged by using heater. It is an alternative method to join plastics together instead of using glue.

UV machine

UV machine is used to remove disease from our products. It is mainly for those products or premiums items that are having food-grade requirement.

4 Colour Pad Printing

4 colour pad printing is a method of coping patterns or colour on the product. First of all, patterns will be printed on the steel board. After that, a soft rubber pad transfers patterns from the steel board to products by a theory of stamping. This method can save more time to place the colour on the correct position.

Cleaning Room

Cleaning room is to treat injection products before package.

Injection Molding Machine

Injection molding machines are major machines to produce mass production plastic toys. Our company totally has 3 plants to place at least 70 machines in mainland.